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We use an environmentally friendly process. No harm is done to the trees. No chemicals or artificial colorings are used. Even the waste from this process is recycled back to the Earth. Since this process involves extract from trees of all ages, there may be a slight variation of batches. Due to this, all batches are sampled during the cooking process, allowing for adjustments to be made, in order to guarantee that they are all of the highest quality for our customers. As a small producer, we are dedicated to the best ingredients and techniques, making our product with passion and care.


Subtle and delicate, yet complex. Less sweet than maple with hints of smokiness and nuts.  One customer described it by saying... I can only tell people it tastes like pancake syrup from inside of a smoldering tree(after burning.) I will surely pick up some more.


Razz's Hickory Syrup keeps forever. (But why would you want it to?) Use it every day… It's not just for breakfast anymore. Try it in your tea, on your ice cream, as a marinade, sauce, or glaze a ham… the possibilities are endless. But, after it is opened it should be refrigerated.